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Unlimited Hydroplanes
Fine art photography consists of photography that goes beyond the mere attempt to capture the likeness of a subject. The photographer is not simply taking a snapshot to record an event, a person, a place, or a moment in time, but in the manner of all visual artists, the fine art photographer is attempting to present the subject in a manner that goes beyond the obvious.  The fine art photographer may have many different intentions for his work: to please visually; to create some kind of emotional response; to provoke; to document.   The fine art photographer also attempts to achieve a standard in preparing the print that goes far beyond what would be acceptable for "the family album".  As such, the film photographer will spend time in the dark room adjusting the print until he achieves his hoped-for outcome; the digital photographer will adjust his image with software in a parallel manner. The artist will also choose a paper that is going to enhance and complement the photographic print, plus give the photograph high archival qualities. 

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