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  Digital imaging, also known as Electronic Imaging is the newest technology in photography. It combines the art of photography with the world of computers. It is now easier than ever to open blinking eyes , add or remove someone and restore your old family heirloom photos.

Your images are scanned into our computer where all the retouching takes place. Using the latest computer technology, we can bring your old photos back to live. We can correct cracks, stains, scratches, tears or even turn your black and white pictures into color. Since all restoration is done in our computer, there is no possible way your original photos can get damaged or lost.

Most portrait and wedding photographers have, so far, taken a "wait and see" attitude. We have chosen to take a pioneer attitude and stay ahead of the technology rather than playing catch up later. In portrait and wedding photography the logical place to begin making good use of electronic imaging is on the product enhancement level. Braces can be digitally removed, facial blemishes retouched and people in a group shot replaced; then, the corrected file can be output to a new negative.

Electronic imaging is the future for commercial/advertising photography. It is now possible to remove those unsightly power lines, whiteout a factory from behind machinery, enhance colors, add landscaping to a newly built home.

The future of photography is completely digital cameras, eliminating the need for film. Photos will be taken from the camera, to the computer, to your photo album.



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